We Provide Weekly, Bi weekly, and Monthly Maintenance.

 Weekly Lawn Cutting
Prior to mowing your lawn areas we will remove tree limbs or obstructions. Your lawn will be completely and evenly mowed at a height suitable for your specific needs. In areas that are not reachable with a lawnmower, we will string trim to the height of your adjacent lawn.

Edging is done with a mechanical steel blade edger. Edging is for concrete borders such as walkways, curbs and driveways

 We use herbicide on any weed that we can safely kill without injuring your plants or grass. We hand pull weeds within your shrubs or ground covers. We may use more intense herbicides for persistent perennial weeds and grass control when needed. You will always have some weeds present in a fertile growing environment, although we try our best to control weeds without spreading more. We will typically spray weeds one or more times to kill them first, hand picking may then be necessary. We kill the weeds prior to picking so the seeds won’t drop, creating more weeds. A pre-emergent herbicide can also be used in preparation for rock to be spread in your yard this helps eliminate weeds growing in your rock.


We choose the best fertilizer based on the nutrients needed, soil structure, soil chemistry, and method of applying the fertilizer. When fertilizer products are applied and watered, the fertilizer dissolves and soaks into the soil. Release rate depends on the amount of fertilizer used, temperature, and water cycle of the soil. A recommended rate of fertilizer is evenly spread over the growing area and left to filter into the soil twice a year or as needed.


This is needed when your soil becomes hard and compacted and impedes root growth, which prevents the grass from developing the deep root system that is essential to survive hot, dry periods. Core aeration is the process of mechanically removing plugs of soil and thatch from a lawn to reduce soil compaction.


Mulches are used during the growing season and are used primarily to moderate soil temperatures. Their roles are to retain moisture, reduce weed growth, and mulch serves as nature’s insulating blanket. Mulch keeps soil warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. After seeding we will place mulch over the top to help insulate the seed and it helps keep the birds from eating the seeds.

  Clean Ups

Get your lawn looking great. We will clean up all the weeds from your lawn and gardens, mow and edge your lawn and dispose of all debris.


The rocks in your yard become uneven as it is walked on, we rake the rocks on a weekly basis to give your yard a more manicured look.

  Backpack Blowing

We use blowers to collect and remove leaves/trimmings from landscape beds and lawn. This is done on a weekly basis.


Proper trimming of plants and Hedge will help increase their flowers and fruits. We rotate the trimming in your yard, usually by doing the front one-week and the back the following week.

Tree Trimming: Trees are beautiful but they can be dangerous. In storms the trees can fall on personal property including homes and cars. Keeping them pruned, topped, shaped and properly trimmed at the required time of year will be done for trees 8 feet or shorter to help keep your trees beautiful and safe. We contract another tree service to maintain trees taller than 8 feet.


Helps to promote a healthier, more vigorous lawn. Thatching is done once or twice a year to help remove dead grass so the new grass can grow.

  Annual flowers

The optimum time to plant annual flowers is the months of September & May but they can be planted anytime at your request.

  Irrigation system maintained

Automatic sprinkler systems are designed to water lawns and gardens effectively, efficiently and routinely. Placement of the sprinkler heads, location of the remote valves and the placement and scheduling of the controller are also important components of the irrigation design. We will inspect and properly adjust to meet your water needs monthly. We will also inspect and repair your system if required

  Planting of winter grass

      Producing quality lawns in Arizona can be challenging. In the warm season, turf grasses are dominant in lawns. During the fall and winter over seeding with ryegrass is required to keep your lawn beautiful all year round.