WE DO NEW INSTALLATIONS FOR: Residential and Commercial.


Most of our Maintenance comes from Advent installing beautiful create landscaping for new homeowners.

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We offer a varied of services and products to meet all your landscape needs.

Waterfalls, Fountains & Ponds: Add a special touch to your yard or business.

Sod: the three types of sod we use the most are Tiff, Bob and Celebration sod.

Rock:  Rock comes in a variety of colors and sizes at the time of the estimate we have samples of colored rock you can choose from.

Curbing: Inexpensive unique concrete curbing border.

Pavers, Block Walls & Fire Pit: Add walkways, walls or a cozy fire pit

Complete sprinkler systems, drip lines and station timers.

Plants: We have a wide varied of plants to choose from. If you donít see what your looking for please call us we have to many to list them all. 

African Daisy,  Bearded Iris, Blanket Flowers, Blue Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Common Culla, Daffodil, Dwarf Lily, Grape Hyacinth, Hibiscus, Ixora, Lantana, Lisianthus, Morning Glory, Mexican Bird of ParadisePeriwinkle, Persian Buttercups, Petunia, Portunia, Portulacs, Roses, Rosemary, Snail Vines, Snapdragons, Sweet Alyssum, Texas Sage, Trailing Lantana, Transvaal Daisy, and Zinnia

Trees: Add beauty to your landscape. If you donít see what your looking for, please call us. We have to many to list them all.

Chilean Mesquite, King Palm, Palo Brea, Palo Verde, Pygmy Palm,     Sonoran Desert (Palo Verde), Queen Palm,  and Ficus.

Boulders: Boulders are a great accent for your lawn or decorative curbing.

Landscape lighting: Lighting around walkways, pathways and pools.

Commercial beam, Canister, Juliet, Path, Hanging

Planters: Can be places in flowers beds next to pools on patios by front doors almost anywhere. 

Low Bowls, Woks, Mesa Planters, Square Planters, Ribbed Planters, Rectangular Planters, Urn Planters, Drainage Saucer, Tucson Planters, Tuscany Planters

Flagstone: Add your own creative touches with flagstone.

To prepare for Installation of a Lawn we will

             Remove debris

            Proper soil for planting

             Establishing an appropriate grade

            Rake and Level ground

            Select high quality Sod or Seed

            Irrigation specifications